For meditation to be effortless you need to find techniques that suits your personality. During your free initial consultation we discuss several approaches to meditation & finding the right techniques to suit your lifestyle. There’s no point in teaching you a sitting style meditation if you find it hard to sit still or any other kind of passive technique until we have actively quietened the mind.



During this process the mind moves from the active, thought filled layers through to the quieter, more peaceful layers, until it reaches the most subtle level of thought. At this stage it lets go & moves beyond thinking, coming to a complete state of rest. Here you are able to enjoy the experience completely at rest, yet still awake & aware, conscious inside. Often referred to as the experience of pure consciousness, bliss or being. 



By exposing the mind to this quiet state the mind is able to easily come into contact with the source of clarity, creativity, energy & intelligence. It brings these qualities forward to ensure you enjoy the benefits throughout the day.



Many people who have tried meditation have not been able to ‘quieten’ their minds because they have been taught well known techniques that aren’t suitable for their personality types. While we also teach these well known techniques we understand they don't work for everyone & thats why we offer other techniques that can be more appropriate.

Finding the right technique that suits you will help make the whole process become easy & effortless. We teach over 20 kinds of meditation both active & passive, ensuring we find the right techniques that work for you.

All our meditation courses include Pranayama techniques as part of the training. 

Really, when you try the right method it clicks immediately... Take one method and play with it for at least three days. If it gives you a certain feeling of affinity, if it gives you a certain feeling of well-being, then be serious about it. Stick to it - at least three months. Miracles are possible. The only thing is that the technique must be for you.
— Osho