David's meditation journey began from an early age. At the age of seven he found himself sitting in meditation & at 11 he started to experience Yoga Nidra. It wasn't until he was 18 though & he learnt Transcendental Meditation that his daily meditation practice really began.

The following year he joined a Transcendental Meditation ashram under the founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Staying there for two years living a monastic lifestyle with over eight hours of meditation a day. 

Being an avid seeker & traveller though he wanted more, so he headed to India to where the practice of meditation began. He was fortunate to find Guruji Mohan. He lived in Guruji’s ashram on & off for a year, traveling with Guruji to different parts of India, having many amazing life changing experiences. 

Guruji’s peaceful energy resonates from him & David will be forever grateful for the lessons, guidance & wisdom he continues to teach him. 

After India he traveled extensively meeting people from many different cultures but western life caught up with him. Joining the corporate world David spent 15 years working for large corporations in Australia & New Zealand ,including Toshiba, IBM & Oracle as a Senior Business Executive. Meditation always helped him to handle the high levels of stress these roles involved.

He’s been privileged to have learnt from many great teachers having learnt to meditate over 25 years ago. He’s now been teaching in various capacities for the past 5 years. Over the years David has learnt many different advanced meditation techniques & gained a solid understanding of meditation, its history, its practice & how best implement the techniques to gain maximum benefit.

On his meditation teacher training course in Rishikesh, India, David learnt that to be a really good meditation teacher you need years of your own meditation experience. Then you can really understand and help others learn to meditate correctly. As you need to be able to draw upon your own experiences with meditation to really help guide others learn these amazing life changing techniques.